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A good maintenance program maximizes equipment performance and life expectancy in the most cost-effective manner.

  • Air Filters, fan belts and oiling
  • Breakers, disconnects
  • Contactors and capacitors
  • Condenser Fans, Blower Fans and Compressors
  • Evaporator, Drip Pans and condensate drains
  • Run and Inspect Cooling Performance Refrigerant
  • Run and Inspect Heating, Furnace panels, flames, Exhausts and Flues
  • Heating Temperature split 40-60 degrees
  • Cooling Temperature split 20 degrees or better
  • Provide report and make any recommendations


State of the art equipment and our marine corps level attention to the fine details, we can clean, tune or repair your air conditioning unit better than the rest.

  • Air Conditioners and Heaters
  • Furnaces and Heat pumps
  • Fans
  • Ductwork balancing, repairs or replacement
  • Thermostat replacements to digital, self-programmable, or Wi-Fi for away from home control.


Install new name brand air conditioning or heating equipment that improves performance, reduces your energy costs, quieter operation with a manufacturer and installation warranty.

  • Air Conditioning and Heating systems
  • Package Roof Top units
  • Heat pumps and Condensing units
  • Furnaces and Cooling Coils
  • Split Systems
  • Mini-Split Installations
  • Fans


We take pride in every repair or installation we make. That is why we are confident that your satisfaction is almost always guaranteed.


We are in the business of providing you with what you need as quickly as possible, with the quality of work that is expected of us and more.


We are a company that believes in the welfare of our clients by delivering quality service and workmanship that speak so much about our reputation being one of the most trusted heating and air conditioning service providers in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Raising cooling set points can reduce cooling energy consumption by about 8% per degree change, while lowering heating set points can reduce heating energy consumption by about 4% per degree change, depending upon the climate zone


Air Conditioning systems are typically the largest users of energy in most homes - about 45%


Replace your Unit with a newer more efficient model to save energy


Change your air filter every 30-90 days reduces maintenance and energy costs

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