HVAC tips for homeowners

10 Helpful HVAC Tips for Homeowners

Check out our helpful tips for homeowners that will keep your HVAC system working without any problems:

1. Optimize your temperature settings

The temperature you set your thermostat is not only a matter of your home comfort but also of energy efficiency. Setting your temperature to the lowest temperature in winter and highest during summer while still maintaining your family’s comfort is the first step to reducing energy costs substantially.

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2. Detect drafts, seal your home

Drafts are basically air leaks that drastically reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system. This might be one of the most important HVAC tips to save energy. Take action and seal your home from air filtration in colder months and during A/C season.

These are the most common places for drafts in your home:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Exterior Walls
  • Chimneys
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Attics
  • Plumbing

3. Improve your home’s insulation

Especially older homes don´t have proper insulation which again allows heated or cooled air to escape from your HVAC system.

A professional home energy auditor can perform an insulation check as a part of a home energy assessment and determine the amount and areas where to add insulation.

4. Invest in a programable thermostat

While you might forget to adjust the AC temperature before leaving your house in the morning a programable thermostat doesn´t. A programable thermostat or automatic setback adjusts the temperature settings for you.

Instead of running on the same temperature 24 hours it lowers or increases the required temperature when the home is not occupied for several hours. By installing a programable thermostat you can maximize your energy savings without sacrificing your comfort.

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5. Change air filters regularly

Changing the air filters of your HVAC system regularly allows a smooth airflow which means the unit can work more efficiently which results in energy savings.

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6. Install window treatments

The right window treatments can have a huge impact on your energy consumption. During summer they can protect from high temperatures and direct sunlight and during winter they keep cool air out especially at night.

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7. Check for leaks in your ductwork

Leaks in your air ducts can have a significant impact on your energy bill. Check your air ducts on a regular basis and repair any holes.

8. Keep your HVAC unit clean

Check for any debris, leaves, or branches around your HVAC unit and remove them. Also, give your HVAC unit some air by cutting back bushes around it.

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9. Stop closing vents in unused rooms

Closing vents in rooms that are not used as frequently (for example guest bedrooms) may sound like a good idea to save energy, but it is not. On the contrary, by closing vents, you will block the airflow and reduce the unit’s performance level which can cause problems.

Prevent overloading your HVAC unit by keeping al vents open and free of obstructions.

10. Schedule professional HVAC maintenance regularly

Our most important HVAC tip is to keep your HVAC unit on a regular preventive maintenance schedule with a qualified HVAC professional to assure your system is performing efficiently and all parts and components are working properly. This way you won´t encounter any unexpected and costly surprises!

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