5 Checks to Improve AC System Performance

Does your Air Conditioning unit have a hard time keeping up during the hottest part of summer months, running non-stop and seeing your energy bills through the roof? That means your AC System Performance needs to be checked!

Is there one room hotter than the others that never cools down no matter how low you turn down the thermostat?

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These are common symptoms of poor AC system performance that can be readily identified, diagnosed, and corrected following these 5 checks:

  • The Air Conditioning unit could be low on refrigerant from a leak resulting in poor performance. Identify and locate leaks, make repairs, or replace failed older equipment that has lost its ability to cool well.
  • Your house could have an Air Conditioning system that was never sized sufficiently to cool the square footage of the house. If you are considering upgrading to new Air Conditioning equipment this is the time to increase cooling capacity as well as its efficiency.
  • The Air Conditioning ductwork may not be balanced correctly to get sufficient air to a particular room and can be easily corrected by adding dampers to the attic ductwork directing more air to those rooms that need it.
  • Window exposure to the sun can greatly affect the ability of an Air Conditioning unit to cool down the house or certain rooms during the peak of the day. Interior window treatments like blinds or curtains are not enough and will require solar screens to cut back the radiant heat gain that comes into the room, especially on the east and west-facing windows during the hot summer months.
  • Thermostats are generally located central to the house in a hallway, however, the thermostat can be changed to a wireless model and moved to the master bedroom, den or office; wherever selective room temperature and control is desired.

Let a professional from AC Plus evaluate your home AC system performance to offer suggestions on how to improve your cooling comfort and drive down those summer energy bills.