AC Warranties and Service Replacements

When purchasing an A/C system manufactured by a reputable company, it most likely is installed with an extensive ac warranty. The manufacturers of most air-conditioning and heating units will provide coverage on the A/C compressor, and associated parts of the unit’s critical high-quality equipment, for upwards of 10 years with additional two years coverage on labor. Licensed, A/C installer will sometimes offer an extended ac warranty on their labor. There are extended warranties available to handle A/C repair issues once the original ac warranty has expired. The value of any available extended ac warranty on an air-conditioning unit is dependent on its coverage. To be a worthwhile investment, the unit would likely need to break within a pre-determined time, after the original warranty has expired, a before the expiration of the extended ac warranty. Sometimes, air-conditioning units that are older than 10 years that experience mechanical issues are less likely to have the energy efficiency of newer models, even when operating properly.

AC-Plus always tries to help our customers with the right decisions when it comes to service, repairs or replacement of their Air Conditioning and Heating System. We go through a detailed checklist to identify the home’s existing system and any improvements that could be made with the best choice as to repair or replace and we offer finance options to assist in that choice. Most products and services people buy or hire come with automatic consumer guarantees goods or services work and do what they claim to do. A warranty is different. It is a voluntary promise to consumer from the seller, manufacturer or supplier. Ac warranties are separate but they don’t replace consumer guarantees.

Consumer guarantees outline a set of rights and responsibilities for products that consumers buy.

Products must:

  • be of acceptable quality
  • match the description, sample or demonstration model
  • be fit for their intended purpose
  • have clear title, unless stated otherwise
  • have no money owed on it
  • have the right to be kept without someone taking the product or stopping the buyer from using it.

These rights are valid for a ‘reasonable time’, depending on the quality and type of goods.

Ac Warranty

A warranty is a promise from the seller or manufacturer. Once the consumer buys the product or service, the promise becomes a consumer right. Warranties are separate from consumer guarantees. They don’t replace them. For the most part, manufacturers usually include coverage on the compressor, condenser, connecting tubing, the evaporator, and refrigerant charge. Usually, the coverage also includes the labor necessary for replacement or repair. The consumer has the right to cancel his order and will receive a refund 30 days after the order was placed. Replacement parts and products assume the remaining original warranty, or thirty (30) days, whichever is longer. All non-factory replacement parts can cause the product to operate erratically or not at all and may cause damage to the product and related equipment (e.g. the charger). Please also note that the Ac warranty is restricted to the country where you originally bought the product.

ACPlus typically warranties all their work for 1 year on repairs and 2 years on new installations. Manufacturers today on residential installations warranty their parts and equipment for 10 years or longer with registration and offer 10-year full service warranties for a reasonable yet additional cost.  Your credit provider may authorise a credit to your (credit) account known as a chargeback if you have not received goods or services or if there is a breach of a consumer guarantee. Contact your credit card provider to apply for a refund if you have paid for goods or services using that card, or pressed ‘credit’ when using a debit card – it doesn’t matter if the business is no longer operating. There are often time limits to dispute the transaction.