Air Conditioning Tips For Summer AC Plus Las Vegas Sun in glaring heat

The summer heat in Las Vegas is no joke and having a functioning ac system is a top priority for most of us. At AC Plus Las Vegas our number one concern is your comfort this is why we came up with the Top 5 Expert Air Conditioning Tips for Summer: 1. Improve Your AC

HVAC tips for homeowners

Check out our helpful tips for homeowners that will keep your HVAC system working without any problems: 1. Optimize your temperature settings The temperature you set your thermostat is not only a matter of your home comfort but also of energy efficiency. Setting your temperature to the lowest temperature in winter and highest during summer

Springl cleaning for your HVAC ACPlus Las Vegas

Spring Cleaning For Your HVAC

As the warmer weather comes into sharper focus, many of our customers are getting ready with a little spring cleaning. With winter in the rear-view, it’s a good time to refresh, renew, and dust off the old season in preparation for fun in the sun. While you shake off the cobwebs and freshen up the pool

new hvac unit boosts home value

If you are getting ready to renovate your home, have you considered putting a new HVAC unit on your punch list? While a new heating and air conditioning system might not have visible curb-appeal, it is an investment in home comfort that potential buyers will appreciate. It’s details like this that help your home sell

Heating Costs person holding cup of hot coffee with gloves on

Keeping Heating Costs Low in the Winter

Climate change has made our winters very unpredictable in recent years, so it’s not a stretch to understand why heating costs have gone through the roof. If you are concerned with keeping your heating costs low in the winter, we’ve got some great tips for you! While Las Vegas isn’t known for its harsh winters,

Benefits of Smart Thermostat

Wild temperature fluctuations are becoming the norm these days. In less temperate parts of the country, spring and fall are the most unpredictable, but even in Las Vegas, it’s hard to know what to expect. The mercury can go from the mid-80s in the afternoon and drop down to 30 at night. Let´s take a

How to make you home more energy efficient

In the effort to maintain comfort while not leaving money on the table, optimizing your energy consumption is critical. Whether you’re trying to save a few bucks on energy bills for your home or send some value to the bottom line at work, we’ve got some great tips on how to make your home more

HVAC Challenges desk with laptop and view of Las Vegas

We depend on our HVAC systems to keep us comfortable in all seasons. However, we also tend to take it for granted that our systems are always going to be ready to perform when we need them. We all know that there is nothing worse than having your HVAC system take a hike as soon

Home Comfort Perfect Temperature Setting for your home

Home comfort and the perfect temperature are important. But saving money on your bills and lowering your energy consumption is a concern as well. How can you strike a balance between your family’s comfort level and savings? And is it possible to have both? If your goals are to combine home comfort and savings, then

The life of your AC unit depends on how well it’s been maintained over the years. With regular service and care, a cooling system can last ten to 15 years or more. However, no matter how long you have had it, if your AC unit is not performing as it should, it may need replacing.

HVAC professional AC plus Las Vegas

When it comes to deciding what companies and contractors to work with, we all tend to choose the least expensive option. However, what seems like the best deal going might cost you more money in the end. If you’ve been in this situation before, you’ll know that, in hindsight, it probably would have been a

When you need an HVAC technician, you don’t want to worry about whether they can do the job – you just want it done! But with so many heating and air conditioning companies in Las Vegas, how do you choose? In a perfect world, you will have done a bit of homework before your HVAC

Summer heat is coming! Before the temperatures begin to climb, it’s a great time to prepare your AC unit for the summer months ahead. A little proactive maintenance on your cooling system will ensure you can enjoy the summer heat knowing that cool comfort awaits inside. There are a lot of benefits that come with

Having a network of trusted service companies is invaluable, both in commercial and residential situations. Knowing that you always have recourse should you need technical support, repairs or advice will not only save you money, but it will pay dividends in peace of mind over time. There are two kinds of companies: some are trustworthy,

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Signs your HVAC system needs replacing

And why it’s a good idea to do it If your HVAC system is failing, there is usually no question. There are very specific signs that point to the need for replacement, and there are lots of benefits that can be realized in both comfort and value. Signs your HVAC system is failing: 1.   Short cycling

If you live in Las Vegas, you’re used to extremes. Hot, scorching summers give way to high-desert chill in the winter time and if your HVAC systems aren’t working properly, you could be compromising your comfort! Finding a trusted HVAC contractor in Las Vegas is important as it will ensure that your heating systems are

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