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If you live in Las Vegas, you’re used to extremes. Hot, scorching summers give way to high-desert chill in the wintertime and if your HVAC systems aren’t working properly, you could be compromising your comfort! Finding a trusted HVAC contractor in Las Vegas is important as it will ensure that your heating systems are in

Furnace Smell! Should I worry?

If you have just turned your furnace on after the long, hot Las Vegas summer, it may surprise you with some odors that are not what you should normally expect. The truth is, if it has been several months since you turned it on, there is likely to be an odd furnace smell coming from

It’s no secret. It gets pretty hot in Southern Nevada. But for those of us who live here, year in and year out, we get used to dealing with it. Air conditioning helps – in fact, it’s a necessity! The very thought of a summer without air conditioning is enough to raise your body temperature.

A working air conditioning system or A/C unit is a must for comfort in the Las Vegas heat. In fact, many of us probably take our A/C systems for granted, confident that they will continue to keep us cool reliably every single day. But what happens when your A/C system isn’t working as it should?

SIt’s been 116 years since the birth of modern air conditioning. Ironically, it’s older than Las Vegas itself! The first commercial AC system was unveiled in 1902, where it was introduced to control humidity in a printing plant. Previous attempts date back to Roman times when water was  circulated through walls to cool the interiors

Summertime in Las Vegas is famously hot. You depend on your cooling systems to keep you and your family comfortable, but those high energy bills are not pretty. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the amount of energy you use and keep your ac systems running more efficiently, even on the hottest days of summer.

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