Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Your business success depends on the comfort level of your customers and employees. A commercial HVAC preventative maintenance program is an investment that will cost you far less than the failure of your HVAC system.

In fact, the breakdown of a commercial unit could potentially cost three times as much as it would for you to put a preventative maintenance program in place. Most HVAC manufacturers recommend following a preventative maintenance program, and we do too.

Some of the benefits of a preventative maintenance program include:

• Lengthen the life of your AC unit
• Well-maintained equipment runs more efficiently and costs less to run
• Repairs are costly – avoid them if you can
• Happier tenants/customers
• Reduce employee turnover by providing a comfortable workspace
Healthier air to breathe

These are just some of the more obvious benefits, but there are plenty more. If you want to take advantage of these benefits and get off of the “break/fix” merry-go-round, a preventative maintenance program will help.

Steps to establishing an HVAC preventative maintenance program
Now that you know the why let’s look at what your PM program should include:

1. Rooftop units should be checked four times a year. This will include startups at the beginning of the summer and winter to ensure all systems are working properly. Filters should be changed at each check, and if your system is compatible with pleated filters, you should think about switching to them. Belts may be replaced on a yearly basis to ensure they don’t fail.

2. Clean coils, evaporators, and condensers yearly. Brush the coils clean if needed, then clean and rinse with a hand-sprayer. Use a low-lathering detergent and rinse well.

3. If the unit has not been cleaned in a long time, or if you have coils that are several rows deep, you may want to use a pressure washer.

4. Take a megohmmeter reading of all compressors and motors. This will give you a good idea of what state your refrigerant and compressor windings are in. If you get low readings, you can then change the refrigerant, the compressor oil, and the filter-driers as appropriate. Doing this on a yearly basis will extend the life of your compressor.

If you are interested in implementing a comprehensive preventative maintenance program, give us a call and we’ll get you up to speed in no time.

AC Plus knows commercial HVAC
You know AC Plus for its dependable residential services, but did you know that we also service many commercial clients in Las Vegas?

In fact, just this July we did an install at Ross Dress for Less, during which we changed out two 30-ton rooftop units. We got them up and running in one day on one of the hottest days of summer. They suffered zero downtime and didn’t miss a beat – now that’s service!

If you are a business owner in the Las Vegas area and are interested in setting up a commercial HVAC preventative maintenance program or your AC system needs repair or replacement, call AC Plus today.

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