Five Ways A Higher SEER-rated Air Conditioner Is Better For Your Home

Considering replacing your air conditioner? One thing you need to consider is the efficiency of the AC unit. One way to do this to look at the SEER ratings of the unit. If you didn’t know, SEER is actually an acronym that stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is measured by comparing the cooling capability of the air conditioning unit and the energy used during the unit’s operation.

There are many advantages to having an air conditioner with higher SEER ratings for your home. Here are some of them:

Lesser energy use and bills

What will persuade most homeowners to try AC units with higher SEER ratings is the fact that it lowers your energy bills. As the SEER ratings are based on the cooling power and energy input of the unit, it accurately reflects the best performance of the unit for the least energy used.

This also means lesser costs on the utility bills. An 18 Seer 3 ton unit that has a cooling capacity of 36,000 BTU/h, for example, will be able to save the homeowner 44 percent of the cooling costs. Compare that with a SEER 14 air conditioning unit of the same size and cooling capacity, which only yields 28 percent savings.

Friendliness to the environment

Green energy advocates will be delighted by the fact that higher SEER-rating units consume less energy. This lower energy consumption results in lesser greenhouse gas emissions and lesser fossil fuels that will be burned for electricity. Who says you can’t be comfortable and be friendly to Mother Earth, right?

Higher SEER Ratings mean Incentives

All of the States offer some form of incentives for upgrading to clean energy. In Nevada, for example, there are 39 regulations and legislation that offers tax breaks and other incentives to individuals and businesses. One of the ways this is done is by installing air conditioning units that have higher SEER ratings. One financial incentive for property owners is credited when an old AC system is replaced with a new one with a SEER rating greater than or equal to 15.

Reduced noise

One frequent complaint of families when it comes to air conditioners is the fact that it tends to be noisy. One key feature of units with higher SEER ratings is they get progressively less noisy due to the two-stage design most units have.

Efficient air conditioning

Air conditioning units with higher SEER ratings are more effective. They ensure that the room is cooled but the comfort is not sacrificed. As most homeowners notice, rooms tend to be humid and stuffy as the air is not effectively circulated and moved. With higher SEER-rating units, the room or home is cooled for a longer period of time. Which also sets the stage for better control of the temperature.

So for anyone considering replacing their air conditioner, they may want to think about going for a model with a higher SEER rating for better performance.

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