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3 Easy Heating System Safety Checks for the Winter Months

Heating System Tips: Just like your air conditioning unit and any other fixture at home, a heating system needs maintenance in order to make it last and perform at its best. A lot of homeowners feel the need to immediately replace an older unit without checking to see if their existing unit simply needs a tune-up or service. Having your HVAC system regularly checked will lead to saving potentially hundreds to thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

For most homeowners, they opt to have this done by servicing professionals like AC Plus, but it is strongly advised that you learn how to do these basic steps so that you stay safe and increase the lifetime of your heating and cooling system.

Safety Steps – Heating System Tips

  1. Keep an eye on your air filter. If it looks dirty or you know you haven’t changed it in a while, stop what you are doing and change it out.  They are very inexpensive and must be changed out every 3 months.  Restricted airflow causes a strain on the system and could lead to costly repairs.
  1. Visually monitor the flue vents on the roof to ensure caps are in place and there are no obstructions from bird nests, leaves or any other roof debris, that could create a clog in the flue that may prevent carbon monoxide from escaping and flowing back into the unit and your home.
  1. Do you seem to have unexplained headaches? When your home is being heated the system creates carbon monoxide which is sealed, contained, then vented from the heat exchanger. Over time, heat exchangers can crack allowing small amounts of carbon monoxide back into your airstream or causing the furnace to shut off on safeties. In either case, this is the time to have a furnace replaced.  Have a service professional inspect the furnace to ensure this isn’t happening in your home.

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These are very basic things that you can and should monitor on your own.  The air filter is the easiest thing to maintain on your own, but some of the others may need a professionals touch to ensure your health and comfort are not at risk.

You can count on AC Plus Las Vegas to come to your home for service, sales, or second opinions and give you the honest service and heating system tips you hope for and expect! Contact us today!