Las Vegas Appliance Repair

Las Vegas Appliance Repair – We Are The Experts

Did you know that at AC Plus Las Vegas we are not only experts in HVAC systems, we also have over 27 years of experience in Las Vegas appliance repair such as:

Water Heaters – Las Vegas Appliance Repair

Is your water heater making strange noises? Is there scary-looking sediment when you turn on the water? Or worst-case scenario: Are you forced to take cold showers because your water heater is not doing its job? It’s time to call a technician with experience in water heater troubleshooting.

Our HVAC technicians can read schematics and perform all tasks necessary to diagnose and repair your water heating system.

In case you need a water heater replacement, we will recommend an adequately-sized new water heater and have it installed in no time.


Garbage Disposals – Las Vegas Appliance Repair

Did you know that your garbage disposal is more than a convenient kitchen appliance? They are also great for the environment since they keep food out of landfills! One more reason to get your garbage disposal working fixed.

Is your garbage disposal clogged, leaking, or not working at all? Call AC Plus Las Vegas for expert garbage disposal repair, service, and replacement.

Our technicians will get this vital part of your home fixed or replaced in a breeze!


Air Filter Replacement

Air filters are a very important component of your heating and cooling system. Changing them on a regular basis will keep your HVAC system running smoothly, reduce energy costs, and improve your home’s air quality. Making your home more healthy for you and your family.

We recommend changing air filters every 30-90 days depending on how often your home is occupied and if you have any pets or allergies.

As HVAC technicians with over 27 years of experience, we are your go-to experts when it comes to replacing air filters and servicing your HVAC unit.


Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors are lifesavers. This is why it is so important to service them and exchange them if they are older than 10 years. Our team can help you get your smoke detectors tested, cleaned, or replaced so you and your family are safe in case of an incident.


Lightbulbs & Fixtures

Changing a lightbulb or a light fixture can sometimes be more difficult than you think. Depending on its location in your home and the type of light fixture you might need to call the experts.

The good news is that our team is well versed in the installation and service of all kinds of light fixtures both residential and commercial.


Faucets, Valves, and Toilets

A leaking faucet, valve, or even toilet can ruin your day. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen or bathroom fixtures are old or new having them repaired or replaced requires in most cases an expert.


Las Vegas Appliance Repair – AC Plus

At AC Plus Heating and Cooling, we not only specialize in Las Vegas appliance repair, but we also love to help our customers! We are renowned for our professionalism, experience, and excellent customer service. Contact us today!