Save Big with Regular AC Maintenance and Care Services

The AC unit is a great and necessary appliance for your home and office. This is especially true in locations like Las Vegas where it really gets hot during the summer months and the AC unit needs to keep you cool and comfortable all day. With the continual use of the AC unit, it is very prone to damage and wear. An AC maintenance service should be regularly performed by a qualified service technician.

AC Maintenance and Care Tips that all homeowners should be aware of:

1. AC Maintenance Tip: Cleaning and changing of air filters

This type of care and maintenance is something that most homeowners can do as it usually does not require technical knowledge of the AC unit. The care and cleaning of the air filter are normally explained in the owner’s manual of the unit. The instructions to clean and care for the filter are typically pretty easy. Some units require filters that can be hosed down for cleaning, but most only require a simple replacement filter found at your local hardware store. A clean air filter not only improves the quality of air in the home or office but also keeps the overall system running smooth.

2. Hire cleaning services

This is a scheduled task and should only be done by a qualified AC maintenance and care technician. What they would do is inspect key areas of the unit for cleaning like the evaporator and condenser coil areas or furnace burner area to remove excessive dust, dirt, or debris that could affect the performance and operation of the unit or even cause serious damage to the AC Unit. It could be serious enough up to the point that repairs are impossible. You can imagine the amount of dust, dirt, and debris that can accumulate inside the unit over time. It is important to have this regularly checked to ensure the system is able to function at a high level.

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3. Make sure the thermostat is functioning properly and up to date

Many owners do not know this but the most important component of the AC unit is the thermostat. Older mercury thermostats should be replaced with digital thermostats for better calibration, temperature control, and visual reading of the room temperature however even digital thermostats wear out and can cause problems. If the unit is not running properly it could be as simple as replacing the thermostat.

Having a service technician test the system can help avoid costly repairs. This service visit could also be the best time to check for other electrical issues in the AC unit.

4. Check the cooling performance and the refrigerant charge

This can be done during cleaning and maintenance services. This maintenance procedure is performed if the suction line is not ice cold or if the unit is not properly cooling. A temperature measurement called a 20-degree split or better is needed from the system ie; 75 return air in the filter grille and 55-degree air coming out your supply air grilles. If you do not have a 20-degree split, it is an indication of your unit being low on refrigerant or other problems possibly even a refrigerant leak in the system.

By having a periodic or scheduled maintenance of your AC unit, you will allow your system to last as long as it was intended. You will save money on costly repairs, reduce the amount of your monthly electrical bills, and ensure you have a fully functioning system that does what it’s supposed to do; keep you cool.

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