Signs Your AC Unit Might Need Replacing

The life of your AC unit depends on how well it’s been maintained over the years. With regular service and care, a cooling system can last ten to 15 years or more.  However, no matter how long you have had it, if your AC unit is not performing as it should, it may need replacing. If your system is getting long in the tooth, the benefits of purchasing a new system are significant as it will cool more efficiently and may save you a lot of money on your energy bills.

But before you run out and start pricing your new system, let’s look at some of the signs that might tell you your AC unit needs replacing:

#1 – Cools unevenly or blows warm air

Perhaps one of the most apparent signs that your AC unit is on the downward spiral is when it isn’t cooling efficiently. There are many reasons for uneven airflow, including blockages in your ductwork that can be addressed, but in itself, it is a clear sign that there is something wrong. Be sure to call an HVAC professional to assess the problem before you jump to any conclusions. 

#2 – Moisture buildup around the unit

If you see water or excessive moisture building up around your AC unit, this is an indication that there is leakage occurring, possibly from the refrigerant. This not only signals a serious problem with the unit itself, but it will also cause it to run poorly, and it could become a threat to your health. If you notice liquid pooling around your unit, turn it off immediately and call your Las Vegas HVAC professional.

#3 – Noisy operation

If your AC unit is making grinding, chattering, or squeaking sounds, it’s probably gasping its last breath. Cooling systems are built to operate quietly, so if the noises it is making are unusually loud, you should address it right away. Failure to do so may result in increased energy bills and compromised comfort for you and your loved ones.

#4 – Bad smells

Better air quality is one of the benefits of a functioning AC unit, but if you are noticing off odors coming from your vents, it’s a sign that something’s gone horribly wrong – especially if those smells are electrical, or if it smells like smoke or something’s burning. If you notice bad smells coming from your cooling system, shut it down right away and call an HVAC professional to assess the situation.

#5 – Rising energy costs

Have your energy bills been going up, even though you’re not doing anything differently? This could be a sign that your AC unit needs replacing. Older units do not run as efficiently, and often have to work a lot harder to cool your home or office, resulting in higher energy bills. New equipment will often lower your energy bills significantly, and depending on the unit you choose, there may be rebates available.

If you think your AC unit may need replacing, call the trusted experts at AC Plus today. We will assess your system and give you advice you can trust on the best way to proceed.